About Us

Finding The Right Floor From The Start

Spokane Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company believes in doing their best on every project. That’s why they stay in communication with every job the company does. Whether it’s flooring, or a remodeling project, one of the owners is always involved. Keeping promises and doing great work is the best way to build lasting customer relationships.

Surprise charges or sneaky up-charges have no place in a professionally run business. That’s why Spokane Hardwood Floor Refinishing Companys Transparent Pricing includes every detail in every agreement. Keeping promises matters.  That’s also why Spokane Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company design consultants don’t work on commission. When we make a recommendation, you can rest assured it’s 100% centered on what’s important to you and for your specific needs.

Certified Flooring Experts

It’s not enough to know how to install a floor. You must understand the environment it’s going into and how flooring materials will react in different environments and structures. So, Spokane Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company took the extra step to become Master Certified Floor Inspectors. Not only can they spot problems with floors, but their certification also helps Spokane Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company avoid problems from the start.

You’re Free To Find The Right Floor

There’s a growing trend in the flooring industry for stores to align with a specific manufacturer. That’s not how we roll at Spokane Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company. We’re truly independent and free to recommend flooring products from manufacturers who’ve earned our trust to deliver quality flooring products.

Quality Products, Quality Experience

Combine all this up, and you’ll get the kind of experience we deliver every day at Spokane Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company. Our 4,000 square feet of hand-picked flooring options are organized with you in mind. Our clutter-free flooring experience makes it easy for you to browse options. We want you to be comfortable and know there’s no rush. Relax. Have a snack. Let us know how we can help find the floor that is right for you.